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Medical Institutions
Educational Institutions
and Aliens, of course.

Brand new on Mars and Earth

We make sure your audience has a seamless AI experience.

TensorParc uses the power of design and AI to deliver AI-based experiences. We remove the pain of having to integrate a useful AI into your platform / app.

We take away your stress

You don't need to stress out when it comes to the question on how to implement AI into your service or app. Let us take care of it for you.

Useful Product

We make sure your product is useful and easy to use. No one wants to spend hours on a product that is not useful or even worse, not working.

Simple Presentation Documents

Do get all the checks in your organization, we make sure you can present the AI-enhanced product easily to decision makers.

Secret Sauce

We are approachable techies. If you talk to us, you will not have the feeling of being left behind with tech jargon. No nerd walls. Oh, and we have one the world's strongest AI at hand.

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You want AI in your product

You have a product or service that you would like to enhance with AI.

We listen

We will listen and ask questions about your product and goals.

We integrate AI

After we understand your business goals and your business model, we instruct our AI (the best in the world) on how to enhance your product.

There will be awesome results

You product continues to be awesome.


What is a useful AI product?

  • You recognize a useful product by how much it changes a user's life. It is useful if the user gets information that is important, new, correct and easy to understand.

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One more thing. (We know its cheesy to say, but its soooo cool.)

We filter out the noise in medical data.

We are working on a project that filters useful medical data. The software filters incoming data and calculates how useful the data is.

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Why we do it

Because we want to build something that is smart and useful.

To make your life easier

We choose to work on this because there is too much noise on the internet.

  • Less noise
  • More focus
  • To make your product / service better
To make your product / service better

We choose to work on this because people in the future will not cope with so much data manually. It's like looking at farmers who did everything by hand and with simple tools.

  • Powerful tools
  • Cutting edge AI
  • Impress aliens
To make your customers happier

We choose to work on this because we want to make a tool that makes us all smarter.

  • Easy Use
  • Incredible output
  • Be smarter faster

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