Make Your
Brain Faster

Generate thoughts faster by using the world's most advanced AI: GPT-3


We are building software agents that make your brain work faster

Generate Ideas Faster
Creators have to think constantly. Our AI-powered software helps you as a writer, researcher, scientist or engineer find a new idea based on what you already know.
Find Topics Faster
Creators have to find stuff fast. The AI will find documents which answer your query that is semantically related to the object you are looking for. Try it, you will be amazed.
Save Data Faster
To make your life easier, we provide easy to use tools to save your data, such as a Slack integration and an editor that lets you save whatever you want in the knowledge containers.
Find Brilliant Thoughts Faster
Let's say you or your peers have found a relevant insight for a project. Our system will automatically notify your peers and it will notify you, if your peers have a brilliant thought.

Use Cases

College students in the Phillipines solve local environmental problems.
Professors & Researchers
Professors and researchers in Germany use semantic research to quickly find relevant in-house data.
What users build: Book Club
Researchers, teachers, startup founders, students and managers have formed a reading club within TensorParc.
How users communicate: BlobWave
Teachers, students, business researchers, startup founders are using our internal BlobWave messaging service to notify each other of great ideas.

Major Questions

You may use the AI to supplement a thought or do a semantic search in your files. We encourage our users to utilize AI to enhance their human thinking. There is also a rate limit that will prevent AI from writing lengthy text.
AI will help you identify thoughts and relations that you may not have considered. But underneath the hood, it doesn't think, it calculates relations. This may sometimes yield better results than thinking.
No. If you want you can keep your knowledge and newly identified relations just to yourself.
How much does it cost?
We are presently in beta. Please contact us for individual pricing.