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We are using AI to help you find and create
the most valuable content possible.


Create Useful Things

There's too much noise on the Internet. Within dozens of apps we are collecting more and more data daily. We create, develop and communicate all day. But how do we really know what is useful?

This is where TensorParc comes in: With our technology our users can create beautiful things, such as learning a new skill, developing useful content or searching and filtering only the useful information they are really interested in.

Check out how our products have helped our users:

Usefulness Editor

Through our editor our users can write content, which is determining whether it is really useful for the recipient or not - such as research papers, books, essays or sales pitches.

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BlobWave Feed

Our software filters incoming texts and gives our users a score of how useful a certain content is for them, may it be tweets, emails or internal messages.

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Audio Filter

Companies and organisations use our guided semantic search to find only the data that is useful to their specific use case - even via audio files.

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We aim to be the usefulness infrastructure for the internet.

The Team @ TensorParc

We filter out the noise

The more data you have, the more entropy. Increased entropy means more energy is needed to focus on things that matter. We will give you a score on all new information you receive and let you know whether it matters to you or not.

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Find the right data

Our AI finds documents that are semantically related to the object you're looking for. Semantic search is key when working with data. Try it! You'll be amazed.

Solve problems that are worth solving.

Alan Kay

Have useful ideas. Build useful things.

It is much easier generating ideas, once all the noise is cancelled out. With access to the worlds most advanced AI - GPT-3 - we give you the super power to focus on those problems that are actually worth your time.

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Securely save or share something interesting

If you find out or create something interesting and useful, save it or share it with your team members on our secure network. We call them BlobWaves.

Major Questions

Why should I use AI to filter and generate?

It saves a lot of time. You will make progress faster.
Real progress happens when you solve problems that should be solved. That's where the AI will help you a lot. What should be solved is not always visible at first glance, so there’s a need for an approach that helps us see beyond the limits of our own perspective.

What apps does this work with?

We are currently working on API integrations with Zoom, Mail, Microsoft Office, LinkedIn and Slack. Let us know if you have any requests.

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Does the AI think for me?

The AI will help you identify thoughts and relations that you may not have considered. But underneath the hood, it doesn't think, it calculates relations. This may sometimes yield better results than thinking.

Do I have to share my data?

No. You will always own the data. If you want you can keep your knowledge and newly identified relations private. In the future, you will be able to earn money with "truths" you have identified.

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How much does it cost?

We are presently in beta. Please contact us for individual pricing.

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