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Before you publish it, find out if your text is useful for your target audience.


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We make sure your audience gets the content they want to read

TensorParc removes the manual task of analyzing what your target audience finds useful. We are not kidding. Until now, it took hours to find out if what you are writing is even useful. Now, it takes only seconds. You are probably asking yourself, how do they determine usefulness? Let us explain. We measure:


We check if the text you are writing is important for your target audience.


We check if the text you are writing is new to your target audience.

Simple Writing

We check if the text you are writing is written simply. It will give your audience more energy to focus on what you are saying.

Secret Sauce

We check a lot of other things. But that's our secret sauce.

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All you have to do is write or paste your text into our editor. It can be part of a research paper, an email, a blog post, a tweet and so on.


What took hours is now happening in seconds. For your desired target audience, our AI can tell you, if you need to add a thought, reflect on a new idea, or improve expression.

Continue to Write

You can keep iterating as long as you need to create a useful text for your audience.

Yield your Fruits

Writing useful text can increase scientific relevance, email returns, retweets, and sale closings.


Why usefulness?

It will change your life. Automaticaly tested usefulness:

  • lets you write what your AUDIENCE WANTS to read

  • saves you HOURS

  • shows you NEW, relevant ideas

Scientists, students, content writers and sales reps can now focus more on producing and less on searching.

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Easy to use

Use our easy-to-use editor

No installation required. You don't need to learn anything new to use it. If you can write an email, you can use our AI.

Simple Writing

Within seconds our software helps you to write as clearly as possible. Communicating clearly allows your readers to focus on what you are trying to say. It gives them more time to think about the content and not the fancy words you might use.

One more thing. We know its cheesy to say, but its soooo cool.

We filter out the noise in a new kind of feed.

Our software filters incoming data and gives you a score of how useful the particular content is. This may be tweets, emails or internal messages. You simply connect your data sources and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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Why we do it

Because we want to build something that is useful for you and for us.

To much noise on the planet

We choose to work on this because there is too much noise on the internet.

  • Less noise
  • More focus
  • More energy
What would the future us think of us?

We choose to work on this because people in the future will not cope with so much data manually. It's like looking at farmers who did everything by hand and with simple tools.

  • Powerful tools
  • Cutting edge AI
  • Impress aliens
Be smarter, faster

We choose to work on this because we want to make a tool that makes us all smarter.

  • Easy Use
  • Incredible output
  • Be smarter faster
To work on important matters

We choose to work on this to give you the super power to focus on solutions that are actually worth your time.

  • We listen
  • You communicate with peers and AI
  • You build useful products
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